Ceramicx Infrared Training

This training portal offers courses on the science of infrared; including the following;

Fundamentals of Heat transfer and Infrared

Infrared Energy in Process Heat

Matching the Infrared Element to the Application

Control of Infrared.

The full course price is €200.

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    Available courses

    What is Infrared;
    Measurement of Heat;
    Types of heat transfer;
    Reflection, Absorption, Transmission;
    Infrared Laws.

    History of IR in Process Heat;
    Benefits of IR over convection;
    Process Applications;
    Infrared application theories.

    Types of Emitters;
    Infrared Spectral Absorption;
    Infrared Heating Case Studies;
    Material Behaviour under Infrared;
    Infrared Optimisation;
    Sample Constructions.

    Resistance Temperature Detectors;
    Infrared Thermometry;
    Heat Flux Gauges;
    Power Switches;
    Hetronik Controls.